Bellevuedental check-ups

dental check ups

Regular dental checks enable us to spot any dental problems early on - before you develop any pain, difficult-to-treat gum disease or tooth loss.

As well as checking your teeth, we also check for any signs of oral cancer.

If you have any dental problems that could stem from an underlying medical condition, we can give you advice and even refer you to a doctor if necessary.

Preventive dental care and prompt treatments when needed, will help to keep your whole body healthy – not just your mouth and teeth.

On average, we recommend patients have dental check-ups every 6 months.

At your check-up we will:

  • Ask about your general health and any medications you are taking
  • Ask if you’ve had any dental problems since we last saw you
  • Look inside your mouth and examine your teeth, gums and oral cavity, and do an oral cancer check

If you have any dental problems, we may:

  • Take x-rays, and/or
  • Book you in for corrective treatments or a teeth clean with our oral hygienist
  • Show you how to improve your teeth cleaning regime and oral health
  • Offer advice on lifestyle eg how diet, smoking and alcohol affects your dental and oral health.

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