Standards of care

Our dentistry will be of our usual high standard, but other aspects of your experience are likely to be different to normal enabling us to focus on additional health and safety procedures and protocols related to Covid-19 risk prevention. These will inevitably make things slower or more time consuming – but as it is for everyone’s protection and wellbeing, please bear with us during these challenging times.

Gaps between patients

We are spacing out appointments more so we can cleanse the surgery in between patients. This inevitably means we can’t see as many patients in a day.

Your Appointment - What to expect

1. Telephone us for appointments (no emails, texts or drop ins)
2. Attendance for appointments – Come alone
3. On arrival - Please ring the doorbell
4. Your belongings
5. Toilets
6. Treatment rooms and waiting room
We will advise you where to go when you arrive, either:
7. Your dental treatment
8. Afterwards

Thank you for your patience and understanding with our new routines. Covid-19 guidance can change daily depending on both the progress of virus pandemic and evolving guidelines set by our governing bodies.

Thank you.

January 2021