Bellevuedental teeth straightening

Teeth straightening is an Orthodontic treatment – a branch of dentistry that specialises in the prevention and correction of irregular teeth. This can be done at almost any age as long as you have healthy gums and bone structure.

All teeth straightening procedures are undertaken here by our specialist sister practice StraightVue Orthodontics.

Teeth straightening has many benefits – not just cosmetic. So we may discuss this with you as a way of:

  • Improving your dental and physical health
  • Relieving tension headaches
  • Alleviating stress in your jaw and bite
  • Giving you longer-lasting teeth by protecting them from the extra wear and tear associated with misalignment.

Teeth straightening involves wearing a dental device over or on your teeth for 6-24 months (sometimes longer). Over this time the misaligned teeth are gently encouraged into their new position, giving you a more confident smile and improved bite and dental health.

Depending on the degree of straightening required, we may recommend one of the following orthodontic devices:

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