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Our approach

We provide a full range of traditional dental treatments alongside expert cosmetic procedures, for patients who want to improve their smile.

Our team philosophy is centered on our passionate belief that people who are happy and smile with confidence are better off socially, physically and emotionally.

We have a 'total approach' to treating patients, aiming to balance optimum dental health with optimum aesthetics. Our patients choose to come to Bellevue Dental because they know we always do 'what's right for them'. And, that we do it with care, gentleness and precision.

We treat essentials first

The most important part of our work is making sure you have a healthy mouth with long-lasting teeth. Standard treatments might include simple tooth cleaning, fillings or extractions plus reconstructive work such as bridges, caps and crowns. We guide you through your options so you can decide what feels right for you.

We help you to help yourself

We also give you advice about what you can do to help prolong the life of your teeth and keep your mouth healthy. Following some simple steps on a routine basis means you'll need fewer dental treatments in the future. Take a look at our Dental health tips.

Smile design

Our expertise as cosmetic dentists can help you to improve your looks and self-confidence. We can transform your smile with a range of cosmetic treatments and procedures. These range from simple teeth whitening to gap filling, straightening, veneers and removal of old mercury/metal fillings. Dr. Hunt is one of only a small number of UK dentists who qualified in cosmetic dentistry in the USA; and he is currently training dentists in the latest cosmetic techniques at Guys Teaching Hospital in London. Take a look at out our Cosmetic Clinic.

Top hospital referrals

Some conditions are best treated by medical experts in a hospital. We can refer patients to top consultants who manage oral cysts and cancers or who specialise in surgical implants and wisdom teeth removal.

Spreading the cost

If you wish, we can introduce you to a range of dental payment plans that help you spread the cost of your treatment to make it more affordable now.

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